Mixing Design Styles for a Family

Mixing Design Styles in a home is very challenging, even for some design professionals.

Mixing Design Styles comes naturally to Designer Premier designer, Erin. Who always designs with the homeowner’s style and taste. In fact, she would feel like she failed as a designer if the home looks like her rather than the homeowners she designed it for.

Designers often find a couples design likes and dislikes are different. Which was the case in this mountain duplex that Erin revamped to be her clients Colorado getaway.

Erin’s goal was to make sure both the husband and wife did not feel like they were giving up anything in the design.

Her task was to meld the wife’s desire for texture, pattern and color with the husband’s desire for a design style that was more modern and raw. While keeping in mind that neither of them wanted it to look like the traditional western style that once defined the region.

Mixing Design Styles that are still Functional for a Family of Five

Designing for the homeowners means designing for the entire family. So Erin also had to design a functional home for this family with three children under the age of five.

Mixing Design Styles

There are wonderful fabrics and materials available today that enable designers to design spaces that perform well for families with children and that still feels like beautiful grown-up spaces.

The tufted green-velvet sofa Erin selected is a great example of a family-friendly piece that has style and class. It is made of durable cotton velvet and the green doesn’t show dirt. It is also so comfortable that you can sleep on it. The solid stone coffee table is extremely durable;  you can sit on it, eat pizza and play games on it and even dance on it.

Mixing Design Styles and balancing the fireplace perfectly, Erin added twin metal and leather chairs and suspended an industrial looking brass-trimmed light above which pleased the husband and which offset the beautiful but traditional green sofas that the wife loved.

Mixing Design Styles

The lower level was designed as a special getaway for this kids.

A graffiti mural dominates the play room, the owners had found a high school artist and turn him loose in the room. Sliding barn doors painted a lively blue, accent the color scheme.

Mixing Design Styles

The master bedroom is very small, but Erin did not follow the common rules of staying away from dark colors, large prints and substantial furniture in a small space.

Erin did a brilliant job of mixing design styles and made a bold statement by selecting a large black mat four poster metal bed, moody black-backed wallpaper marked with a large scale floral print. This is one of the homeowner’s favorite rooms as they feel that it is the perfect blend of both of their styles.

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