Man Caves

Generally speaking, the garage is the man’s domain,

and as such, a lot of garages are being turned into ‘man-caves’, a place where the man of the house can work on hobbies, entertain friends, jam out, watch sports or just escape for a bit. In response to this trend, Closet Factory is rolling out a new line of garage products in a variety of colors and textures to create a haven of masculinity. From diamond plate to wood tone melamines to metallic textures, these new products can create a sleek, stylish garage while still providing the proper storage to corral clutter. In addition, Closet Factory is offering rolling islands, metal slatwall and great accessories to further the storage capacity of the garage.

For any clients that are looking to utilize their garage beyond a place for the cars and the junk that has no place in the house, let Closet Factory create a cool, fun area. And don’t think the ladies of the house are being left out; they can also create a Mom-cave for her to do hobbies, crafts, or time to relax.

Call (303) 690-6901 for a consultation and to see the full extent of their great new garage line!

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