Lighting Resource for Designers

Ever wonder where Interior Designers find the best Lighting Resource in Denver?

Our favorite Lighting Resource for Designers is  Image Complete. It is a unique lighting showroom resource with over 200 lighting lines and unsurpassed expertise and customer service to help busy designers with any project. They can supply any style and fit any budget.

We are proud to share that they are the only Colorado showroom to display and to offer the “hand-crafted glass creations” of Shakuff.

Below are a few examples of these fabulous and unique lighting creations. 

Interior Designers
(Pictured Above: Fireball)
Interior Designers
(Pictured Above: Tanzania)
(Pictured Above: Candle)


Interior Designers
(Pictured Above: Plice) Shakuff’s products are completely your creation! You build exactly what you want to fit the scale and shape of your project. You pick: the pendant and the color; the size and number of each pendant; the canopy shape, size and finish; and, if desired, LED bulbs.
Interior Designers
(Pictured Above: Mod Pendants) We would like to invite you to come to the showroom and view the beautiful Shakuff fixtures we have on display. Located at 240 Kalamath, Image Complete has the most interesting and unique showroom in Denver. We have both fixtures and glass samples to view to make sure the color is the exact one for your overall lighting design.
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