Lighting is the Jewelry of the Room

Have you noticed that when you walk into a dark or poorly lit room there is a feeling of gloom.

While walking into a well lit room, with the right blend of natural and artificial light creates an uplifting and welcoming feeling. Lighting that is beautiful and makes a statement is like jewelry for your room.

Make a Statement

Jewelry of the Room
The ceiling, fireplace and dining room lighting combined make this room GLOW!


Jewelry of the Room
A beautiful light that creates drama and interest but also balances the high ceilings.


 Select The Perfect Lighting

The perfect piece can create drama, a whimsical feeling, excitement or calm. The scale is a very important detail to achieve the right balance to the room.

Jewelry of the Room
A fun approach to the typical pendent lighting for a kitchen.
Jewelry of the Room
A great example of lighting as “ART”


Jewelry of the Room
‘Snow Balls” another fun and unique option for lighting over your kitchen table


Themed Lighting

Jewelry of the Room
This stunning entrance was inspired by the ocean. Even the paint is darker on the bottom and lightens as it goes higher – just like the ocean.
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