Lighting Design

Does Your Project Favor a Lighting Consultant?

Lighting Design

Contractors Build…Designers Design

Most designers, interior and architectural, have a good understanding of lighting. They are capable of helping you decide how much light is needed, choosing tasteful products, and coordinating placement with the contractor. However, not ALL designers do. Ask your design professional if a lighting consultant would be appropriate so that you can get the most out of your lighting!

If you ask your contractor to provide the general lighting, then he/she will because you asked for it, and your builder is in service to you. The resources that a contractor has to design lighting are usually very limited, and most often originate from a sales representative who knows nothing about you or your home. Ask your contractor to suggest a lighting consultant and they assuredly will!

What can you expect from well designed lighting and a lighting consult?

  • Lighting DesignThe look and feel that suites YOUR taste and enhances YOUR lifestyle. All people do NOT live in their personal space in the same way. Your lighting should be personal to you.
  • A good sense for the way the light will perform for you BEFORE you invest in it. Lighting consultants have means to illustrate for you the proposed lighting concepts, either with images of representational applications, product mockups and samples, or digital modeling. In this way, you can weigh in on the recommendations made, and explore a variety of possibilities before you fully commit.
  • Flexibility in the tone conveyed by the lighting. With simple wall-mounted controls, or using an automation system,Lighting Design lighting can dramatically change the atmosphere of a room. You can have an intimate gathering or host a political caucus and have just the right light.
  • Value. Your value. The lighting industry offers a considerable range of technologies, product capabilities, aesthetic options, and performance characteristics. Matching products to your priorities in every room of your home will permit you to spend wisely.

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