Is Interior Design in Denver Different From Interior Design Elsewhere in the US?

Yes, interior design in Denver is different than we see elsewhere.

Denver, Colorado inhabitants, is made up of a laid back crowd of ambitious, progressive-minded fitness fans and nature lovers. Denver boasts 300 sunny days a year, with many of those being days you can play outside.  For this reason, interior design in Denver is shaped by nature. Homeowners and renters alike want to bring the outside in and so often want to incorporate natural materials made of wood, stone, and metal into their homes.

Interior Design in Denver

This River Side Modern home, designed by Designer Premier Designers Joe and Matthew, is a great example of what we are seeing trending in Denver.

Interior Design in Denver

We are also seeing a request to embellish more modest homes with elements of stone and wood, to create a more custom feel. Room designed by Designer Premier Designer, Julee.

Nature also shapes the colors that are most popular in Denver, which are calming whites and warm and soothing beige and grays, with pops of color like spring flowers.

Interior Design
This stunning room is designed by Designer Premier Designers Joe and Matthew

The most popular trends in interior design in Denver right now

The most popular interior design trends in Denver right now are a mix of contemporary design with the natural elements of wood, stone, and metal.

It is known as Colorado Contemporary and is liked by Baby Boomers and Millennial’s alike.

The warmth of the Colorado style is driven by the need to nest and be safe in one’s home. Even though many homeowners like the simplicity of Contemporary lines, they want the warmth of bringing in natural elements into their home, as it often has an emotional connection with their childhood.

Interior Design
Home designed by Designer Premier Designers Joe and Matthew

The craziness of the world has a huge influence on trends
interior design in Denver

The minimalistic side of contemporary design style shows a desire to simplify our lives. This is shown in the yearning to declutter our lives of unnecessary things. It is also shown in as something as simple as selecting a cabinet style. If you show clients a cabinet with moldings on it, they will often ask how to clean it and then select something with a simpler, sleeker look, as shown below.

Interior Design
A contemporary kitchen, with a sleek cabinet style and a mixture of white upper cabinets and darker lower cabinets, which has become a popular look. Kitchen designed by Designer Premier designer, Jamie.


We are seeing Large Windows and Bifold Doors & Folding Glass Wall Systems incorporated in Interior Design in Denver.

Interior Design
Room designed by Designer Premier designer, Jamie and builder Brian Thal, THAl Construction

Interior design trends in Denver are shaped by those who move here!

One of the great things about my job is that I get to meet homeowners and designers from around the world. Most often, they are relocating to the Denver area and thus bring their personal design tastes with them. Interior design trends in Denver are also shaped by those who move here since many of Denver’s inhabitants are transplants from elsewhere. It is also shaped by Denver interior designers and their own personal experiences and upbringing.

Interior design trends in Denver are influenced by life experiences

Our personal design aesthetic is shaped by the area we grew up in, both in the family home and the culture of the country we live in, as well as where we go to school.  For example, Baby boomers who grew up with mid-century designs are certainly part of the reemergence of this design style. It is also shaped by our experiences, such as travel, whether vacation or business. For example, I often have clients that have stayed in high-end hotels that want to create a similar feeling in their master suite.

Interior Design
Elegant master bedroom, with a custom wallpaper, window treatments, and bedding, designed by Designer Premier designer, Kirsten.

Looking for a great designer to incorporate some of these design trends, or simply help bring your home to life?

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