Hiring an Interior Designer Can Save Money and Time

Buying a home is the most expensive item most people make. Many homeowners wonder if hiring an interior designer can save money on home improvements.Do professional fees take a large percentage of the overall budget to make using an interior designer worthwhile? Are they spending the extra money to have someone do something they can do themselves?

The truth is that a professional interior designer can save you time and money. What you pay in design fees is far less than costly design mistakes and the value of your time.

Everyone with a realistic budget should hire an interior designer. There are different levels of assistance, from full-service design to consulting only, although not all interior designers are willing to consult.

If you are building a custom home, getting a designer onto your team as soon as possible helps control your budget and streamlines the many questions and selections you will need to make for the builder.

Builder, Hiring an Interior Designer Can Save Money
Interior design services often end up paying for themselves.


Here are more reasons hiring an interior designer will save money and time.

Working with an interior designer reduces the margin of error.

Interior Designers save you money by preventing building mistakes. The designer redlines the architect’s plans before creating the final construction documents when building a new home or an extensive remodel. (Redlines are editorial notes or revisions printed in red on architectural drawings showing needed corrections.)

Through this process, they recognize mistakes early that would be costly to repair once installed. From simple things like the direction a door swings and the placement of light switches to how a kitchen functions or if there is enough room for your king Cal Bed! The working triangle of a kitchen is a great example. We once caught an error in the plans where the kitchen island was too large and did not allow the dishwasher to open fully.

If you are working on a smaller project like a kitchen, where an architect is not required, the designer provides the contractor with detailed drawings and elevations. These plans will avoid issues with electrical or plumbing being in the wrong place and streamline the process.

Interior Designers save you money by preventing material mistakes. Interior Designers have extensive knowledge of how materials perform, from hard finishes like flooring and tile to soft finishes like fabrics.

Interior Designers save you money by preventing scale mistakes. The correct scaling of architectural elements and furniture is one of the most common mistakes homeowners make. Part of designing a room to scale is to allow enough “negative space” to enable the room to breathe.

Interior Designers save you from impulse buys. Consumers often shop with no real vision in mind. They buy what they like when looking for home furnishings or accent pieces but have no idea how it will look in the room until they get something home. We often receive calls from clients who have tried to furnish their homes independently and are now “stuck.” The room does not have the designer look they wished for. Unfortunately, these clients have often blown their budgets or bought pieces that do not work.

pig, Working with the Builders Budget

Working with the Builders Budget

Interior Designers Know when to spend money on quality for durability

Experienced interior designers understand how to manage funds within a builder’s material allowances, helping to keep the project on budget. They know how to produce a comparable look at a range of prices, which allows them to value engineer a project.

Material and furniture education are essential elements interior designers bring to the table. They know that quality craftsmanship will save money in the long run. Your interior designer will help you determine when and how to spend your money to provide the best bang for your buck. For example, when furnishing a great room, it is advisable to spend your money on a higher quality sofa than a pricy coffee table because a sofa bears a load of wear and tear.

 Relieve Stress and Save Time

Managing a renovation can be time-consuming and frustrating, especially if you are working full time.

An interior designer coordinates everything with the vendors, contractors, architects, artisans, etc. They are available to answer questions as they come up, handle all of the details, and manage the builder’s deadlines.

Hiring an interior designer to help with furnishing your home means that a professional with far-reaching knowledge of where to look is doing the legwork. They assure the products match your desired quality level and check measurements, lead time, pricing, and durability.

How Interior Designers Charge

There is no standard way that all designers use, so understanding how interior designers charge can be very confusing.  Many factors influence what a designer may charge for their services. Most residential designers use one of the following or combined methods to set their fees and may negotiate to suit a client’s particular needs. READ MORE 

Contact Marina to be matched with a qualified interior designer to guide you through the entire process. Hiring the right interior designer will allow you to relax and enjoy your home’s creation, which is essential in this journey.

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