7 Interior Design Trends 2016

Interior Design Trends for 2016 continue to effect our environment in a calming and simplistic way.

The natural elements of wood, stone and steal will gain in strength this year. Interior Design Trends for 2016 will also bring us subtle pastel colored kitchens, the personalization of our spaces through fun fabrics, wall treatments and  wall embellishments.

1. Mix Old with New

2. Bring your home closer to Nature

Interior Design
Using the Gardenia Wallpaper creates an element of nature.


3. Organic Shapes and Textures

Shapes and Textures
Anticipate seeing dining and coffee tables embracing the natural shape of the wood, with live edge tables and organic-shaped chairs. (Designed by Designer Premier designer Greg Comstock)

4. Minimalism

Organization of our things to provide a space for everything – most of which is out of site- will be a strong influence in our homes. This minimal trend helps us feel more in control in our own world as the rest of the world seems out of control.

Shapes and Textures
The world is a crazy place, to counter the insanity we will see more minimal themes emerge. This helps our homes become more sanctuary-like. (Designed by Designer Premier designer Joe McGuire)

How to Get the New Minimalist Look in Your Home


5. Kitchen Design: Pastels, natural shapes, and minimalism.

Interior Design Trends for 2016 will continue from the 2015 trend of open spaces, especially involving the kitchen and family rooms.

You will see the organization and uncluttered counters being a key factor when redesigning or remodeling a kitchen.  Everything will have a place.

Formal dining rooms are being replaced by a casual eating area at the island and a large less formal table for larger groups.

Shapes and Textures
Natural shapes will gain ground on the straight lines of subway tiles. (Designed by Designer Premier designer Pam Kelker)


6. Impactful images and Personalization

From murals to wall words to over the top graffiti installations, these impactful images draw our attention into a space and hold it for a while.

Shapes and Textures
Exercise Room Wall Decal used for inspiration as well as decor.


Shapes and Textures
Love the simplicity of this.
Shapes and Textures
Using a wall mural is an inexpensive way to fill a wall, while stating an important or playful message.

7. Pattered Fabrics and Wallpaper

2015 was a year of soft colors and little patterns. Interior Design Trends for 2016 encourage us to personalize our spaces with fun fabric patterns and exciting wallpapers.

Pattered Fabrics and Wallpaper
Individuality as shown through patterns and colors. (Designed by Designer Premier designer Erin Iba)


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