How to Select a Custom Closet Company

5 Things To Look for in a Custom Closet Company

There are many businesses that call themselves a custom closet company, but they really only provide the components of a closet organizer, and they offer little customer service. We refer to The Closet factory who has decades of experience and is responsible for setting the industry standard in innovation, design and client care.

closet factory

When shopping for a company specializing in closet organizers, think about what is important to you. If you want the perfect combination of value and quality, here are the five things you must look for in a custom closet company:

#1 – Floor-Based vs. Wall-Mounted

Closet Factory system is floor-based
Wall Mounted
Wall-Hung System – Not a Custom Closet

Closet Factory uses a floor-based closet system, which is sturdier than its wall-mounted counterpart because the closet system sits right on the floor. This allows for equal distribution of weight as the floor supports the entire system. Additionally, the closet organizer is attached to the back wall for safety and is made from high-quality, thick material. Floor-based systems are so sturdy, they allow you to adjust the hanging rods and shelves as your needs change.

# 2 – In-House Manufacturing

Closet Factory Warehouse in Centennial were Custom Closet are manufactured

True custom closet companies should have their own factories where they can create a truly custom unit based upon a client’s personal design. Some companies say they are custom, but many of their products are either pre-fabricated or outsourced to builders, which means they have very little command over quality control.

#3 – Collaborative Experience

experienceAn expert designer will listen to you and ask you questions, so that they are able to create an organizational design that exceeds your expectations. The designer will also be able to help you select the accessories, finishes and embellishments, so that you have a space that reflects your personal style.

#4 – Countless Options

Closet Accessory
Closet Factory Custom Closet Accessory Options

Established closet organizer companies work with a variety of vendors and have established long time relationships with them. Therefore, a reputable organization will have the power to offer you 100s of choices when it comes to hardware, finishes, specialty features and many other closet accessories.

Closet Accessory
Closet Factory Accessory Options

#5 – Inclusive Pricing

Your design quote should include the designer’s fee and the installation charge. Your product should come with a warranty lasting anywhere between 3-to-5 years to a lifetime. Established companies also have client care team that can assist with any future concerns.

A full service, custom company like Closet Factory has the ability to provide stylish, functional solutions for other areas of your home including home offices,entertainment centers and much more. Now that you know what to look for, let’s start transforming the vision you have for your space into a reality at a no-obligation design consultation.

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