How to Choose Cabinet Colors

Practicing color theory within our homes when it comes to our interior design choices is very important. Color has a big effect on our lives, our moods, and our comfort. You don’t need a degree in psychology or design to know that some colors complement each other, and our mental state, better than others.

So, what does that mean for our homes, and the colors we choose for the things within our walls? Psychological Properties of Color

When it comes to the rooms where we spend most of our time, finding the best colors to represent our family and create a warm, inviting living space is key to having the best interior design possible. Even something as seemingly small as cabinet painting in Denver could mean a lot!

4 Tips For Choosing The Best Cabinet Colors

Are your kitchen or bathroom cabinets in need of a major rehaul when it comes to color and design? If so, no problem! As long as your cabinets are in good shape and aren’t showing excessive signs of wear and tear, we can come and paint them for you. The only big question now remains… what color should you choose for your cabinets?

1. White Cabinets

Softer, pale colors like white, cream and pale gray are most commonly chosen for cabinets due to their versatility. You can paint them once and re-decorate the kitchen a few times without losing any matching theme or color schemes. White is a great base color, but it’s not very adventurous or modern.

2. Dark Cabinets

For a more polished, refined look your home has, brown, black, and darker gray cabinets are a great way to add depth to your kitchen. This is especially common in homes with hardwood or a more rustic, vintage feel. Darker cabinet colors help to bring some daring choice to the decor of a kitchen, and it’s just as versatile as white and pale colors.

3. Boldly Colored Cabinets

A nice splash of color can create an interesting, invigorating environment. The downside many homeowners and designers face when dealing with colors like blue, purple, green, red, and more is that it’s hard to stay on brand and within the stricter thematic guidelines and specific color schemes. Even so, many younger homeowners are adopting a fun take on interior design, so you may find more colorful cabinets in 2020.

4. Patterned Cabinets

Kitchens that feature unorthodox patterns have the potential to be quite a talking point, especially for families with frequent guests or children in the home. This is also a very vintage approach to interior design, but that has become a trend within the industry, so it’s not unheard of. In fact, wooden cabinets with engraved patterns and left in neutral colors hold a very classy and prestigious appearance to them and can elevate a room’s style.

No matter what you choose to do for your home cabinets, make sure you’re contacting us for professional advice and to get the best quality of repainting and remodeling possible at Designer Premier.

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