Colorado Home Staging

Denver, Colorado Home Staging

When done correctly, staging your home for sale is the most effective way to minimize it’s time on the market, maximize your selling price and reduce your carrying costs.

Although the concept of home staging is simple, a successful staging requires much experience and skill.

When clients walk into a professionally staged home, they will envision themselves living there, which creates a personal connection.  Did you know that this attachment is made within the first three minutes of viewing your home?  Remember, the first impression of your home is the one that the buyer recalls when they leave to see the next home that is for sale. Make sure it is the right one!

Call (303) 916-9515 today to be matched to a professional stager “Just for You” here in Denver, Colorado!

The benefits of staging are:

  1. Property sells faster
  2. Staged homes result in more equity when they are sold. This means more money for the homeowner and realtor. On an average of somewhere between 10%-20% more.

Contact us today to discover the difference a professionally staged home makes.

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