Great Pantry Solutions

Pantries have a tendency to become the catch-all for the kitchen…

where rarely-used appliances, unwieldy baking dishes and extra foodstuffs find a home. However, many pantries are not built with the organization in mind and often have simple shelves spaced too far apart to be of use, leaving room for clutter and lost items, often leading to the purchase of duplicates.

While there are many grPantrieseat solutions for canned goods and pasta, it’s those bulky appliances, cookie trays, serving platters and other hard-to-store items that become a problem. Closet Factory designers have learned that sometimes making the most of the vertical space is the best solution. Instead of stacking these hard-to-store items, we suggest storing them upright. To keep them in place, Closet Factory can create acrylic dividers that are routed between shelves. These dividers can either be tall enough to store pans and tray upright or on their sides; either way the items are visible and accessible, without the precarious piling effect.


For large appliances such as mixers, Panini grills and juicers, Closet Factory suggests creating pull-out shelves or trays. Instead of dragging these often-heavy pieces off the shelves, you can simply pull the shelf/tray out and pick up the item. Closet Factory can also provide heavy-duty slides to make sure that the weight is fully supported.



To help get your pantries organized, call Closet Factory today at (303) 690-6901.

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