Golden Kitchen Remodel

Golden Kitchen Remodel with a “Cherry on Top”

From the get-go,  this Golden kitchen remodel was a joy to work on, from start to finish.

Allowing the project to unfold, our clients the Giffords, remained, relaxed, trusting, and easy to work with, which set the stage for a perfect process. There was no “sweating the small stuff.”

The Giffords found Exquisite Kitchen Design, EKD, first.  When the time came to bring in an interior designer, Marcus turned to Marina with Designer Premier. He feels that her dedication to pairing the right interior designer with a client is always spot on. For this project, Lovedy, a Designer Premier Designer,  was the perfect match.

 Before Photo of the Golden Kitchen Remodel

Golden Kitchen

When Marcus Otten with EKD began this project, they started off by learning everything the homeowners were trying to get out of a newly designed space. Marcus discovered their goals for storage, how they wanted to work in their kitchen and how the workflow would integrate with the formal and casual dining areas.

Even though they had trepidation about tearing out the main wall in their home to open up the space and give room for a large island, they listened to the advice of their team of professionals. What transpired was a seamless, collaboration between everyone involved.

After the Photo of the Golden Kitchen Remodel


The island is the ‘hub’ of this space.

Mrs. Gifford wanted a big working island with a separate sink for ease of vegetable and food prep. This allows several people to be working in the kitchen and be completely out of each other’s way. It just feels so spacious!!

Everything Mrs. Gifford needed for her ‘work zone’ was able to be housed on the range side of the island, allowing her to be engaged with people in the living and dining room as needed when entertaining. With ample storage on the front side of the island, holiday dishes and items that are not necessarily day-to-day could be stored without impacting the work zone.

 Finally, the freestanding hutch is kind of “the cherry on top” for a multi-functional kitchen.


On one side of the hutch, formal dishes, flatware, and glassware are ready for the dining room. On the other side is a custom niche for the computer which is integrated with the space for décor and photos plus it is the anchor point for the walnut tabletop.

Lovely worked with the Giffords on perfecting fits and finishes like the island color, backsplash, lighting, and flooring to help capture the style and aesthetics of the busy family and homeowner and complimented Marcus’s kitchen design for this Golden kitchen remodel.


Testimonial: Working with Designer Premier Designer Lovedy

Lovedy brings a great aesthetic sense, and spirit as the advocate for the client to her work.  She gives you her opinions with straightforward honesty but also defers to your ultimate desires.

She brings great creative breadth to the project and verve and energy that is hard to duplicate.  We ended up with design ideas we would never have thought of ourselves and really enjoyed working with her. The Gifford’s, Golden Kitchen Remodel


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