10 Future Home Design Trends

What can we expect in Future Home Design Trends?

It is likely that the design of U.S. homes will experience fairly significant changes over the coming decade.

It is expected that these changes will be determined by major economic and demographic developments, not by Jetsons-style technological inventions.

Design Trends

Leading residential architecture firms were asked by AIA for their vision for the next 10 years regarding future home design trends.


The key trends that they identified are:

  1. The growing popularity of universal design or aging in place.
  2. Increased attention to a healthy living environment and materials.
  3. Infill development and its focus on smaller but better-designed homes
  4. The growing popularity of kitchens is the focus of household activities.
  5. Outdoor Living Spaces: think beyond outdoor grills or decks to adding outdoor kitchens and fully furnished outdoor rooms.
  6. Home Offices:  due to changing work patterns and growth in telecommuting
  7. Smarter Homes: Technology will become even more common in the running of homes, including automated controls for temperature, security, and lighting.
  8. Urban Influences: the focus will be on higher-density development that provides more amenities for its residents.
  9. Energy efficiency: solar panels, water reclamation systems, and tankless water heaters
  10. Disaster-proof: elevating residences, windows with impact glazing, dedicated safe rooms, and backup power generation

Factors that will shape the future of home design:

• The aging of our population.
• The continuous recovery from last decade’s housing collapse.
• A terribly slow economic recovery that is making it tough for younger households to get ahead in the housing market.

Design Trends


Interested in Learning more (resources we used):

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