Fun, Colorful and Cozy Aspen Home

Here’s a fun, colorful and cozy Aspen home, that was brought to life, by Designer Premier designers, Joe and Matthew. The house is in a beautiful natural setting on the Roaring Fork River but is only a five-minute walk away from the downtown restaurants and shops.

Colorful and Cozy Aspen Home

The house has very high ceilings and open volumes which required us to balance the verticality with strong, grounded furnishings.

This is the fourth project Joe and Matthew have done for this family (including previous homes in Aspen, and their main residence in Texas). They are laid-back and fun to work with.  
They own a bunch of auto dealerships (thus the image of the vintage Lincoln on the wall in the Living Room).

Colorful and Cozy Aspen Home

 They take joy in collaborating with us, and delight in fun design.  They have children who live in NYC and Texas, with grandchildren.  All of them love to get together in Aspen to enjoy the town and the outdoor lifestyle.

Joe and Matthew’s Goal – Create a Fun, Colorful and Cozy Aspen home to entertain family and friends

Colorful and Cozy Aspen Home

The project involved refurnishing the home, adding millwork, changing the interior of the fireplace, etc.

The home was originally designed by prominent Aspen architect, Charles Cunniffe.  

Colorful and Cozy Aspen Home

Joe and Matthew sought to make this luxurious home feel comfortable, not formidable.

Colorful and Cozy Aspen Home

As with all of their projects, Joe and Matthew take great pleasure in getting to know their clients and creating homes for them, that feel personal to them and thus reflects who they are.

Colorful and Cozy Aspen Home

It takes a ton of work to pull together a project such as this, with all it’s many, many aspects. Given that, when a client is so delighted with the end result that they give you a big hug and thank you, as these clients did, it makes it all worthwhile!

Colorful and Cozy Aspen Home

Joe and Matthew are one of many Denver and Aspen Design firms that were selected by Marina Dagenais to be the experts that she represents as “The Design Matchmaker“.


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