Fireplace Wall Redesign

The Borek’s reached out to us for help with a fireplace wall redesign and to refresh the main level.

They needed the help of a good interior designer because they did not always agree on design-related things. He is more traditional (from the New England area) and she leaned more towards contemporary. Marina matched them with Michelle who worked with them to refresh their home. It included the beautiful yet functional fireplace design you see below, all new furnishings and window treatments in the family and the breakfast nook.


Fireplace Wall Redesign

The original fireplace was typical builder grade with some 12×12 tile slapped around the firebox.  There was a small strip of drywall to the left and then a 2’ deep niche with a soffit above that went all the way to the corner of the room.

We designed the wall to eliminate the niche and soffit, replacing them with a built-in with both open and closed storage (something they lack in this home).  To tie the two features (fireplace and built-in) together, we added crown molding and a hearth that expand across both features.

Wall RedesignBefore the remodel, the client’s sheltie was leaving dog hair all over the furniture.  So we used faux leather on the backs and sides of the sofas and on the ottomans so that the pet hair would not cling to the furniture.

The room required a very large rug which can be pricing. In order to keep the costs down, we purchased two identical area rugs and had them bound together and trimmed to fit the space.

Michelle is one of many Affordable Denver Designer that was selected by Marina Dagenais to be the experts that she represents as “The Design Matchmaker“.

Meet Marina. "The Design Matchmaker" Meet Marina: “The Design Matchmaker”

Marina matches homeowners with the perfect interior designer based on personality, the scope of work, talent needed, design style, budget, location, and timing.

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