Fill Your Home with Original Artwork, Without Spending a Fortune

Would You Like to Fill Your Home with Original Artwork, Without Spending a Fortune? Get the Gallery is like Rent the Runway for art-lovers, or soon-to-be-art lovers.


When entrepreneur Joe Clark was a child, his parents belonged to the Indianapolis Museum of Art, which lent out original works to its members.  Clark says that his parents weren’t art collectors, but that they enjoyed their rotation of original artworks and sculpture in their home.  They liked having easy access to something that was more unique than mass-produced prints from a big-box store.  Clark also says, “those works impacted me and I’ve attempted to recreate that experience with Get the Gallery.”  The mission for Get the Gallery, is to change the way that people live with original artwork.


Original Artwork

Denver based Get the Gallery is an online start-up that leases original artwork for a monthly subscription fee starting at $17.  A user can take the style quiz to receive personalized selections from their Chief Curator, or simply choose pieces on their own from over 300 artworks and nearly 40 (mostly local) and counting artists.

The artwork shows up within a few days at the subscriber’s home and it can be swapped out for a different piece each month.  What if the member falls in love with the artwork and wants to buy it?  The artwork is also available for purchase.

Original Artwork

Such an easy way to fill your home with original artwork

So, it’s like Rent the Runway, but for art-lovers or rather soon-to-be-art lovers.  “We believe that people who care about their home’s aesthetic would like to have better art.  But frankly, the art world feels inaccessible to many people,” says Clark.  “Going into a gallery can be intimidating, so we remove the risk and give people a chance to choose art they love from the privacy of their homes.”

Original Artwork

Get the Gallery has invested in a local first initiative that connects artists and customers in the Denver Metro area.  “It’s the farm-to-table idea,” co-founder Joe Clark says.

The company is able to keep shipping costs down and it results in less environmental impact.  Subscribers also benefit from quicker delivery and free shipping.

Original Artwork

We think this is a fabulous concept if you agree and want to try “Get the Gallery” pricing starts at just $17/mo.  Cancel anytime.


First Month Free

Use Promo Code:  ARTFORYOU

Joe F. Clark
Get the Gallery | Chief Executive Officer | 303.601.4516 | @getthegallery

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