Feast for the Eyes: Onyx

Rocky Mountain Region’s Largest Inventory of Onyx

Consider placing Onyx somewhere in your space where natural light shines through, or install with a backlighting effect to create a dramatic look, as seen in the design pictured at Elway’s in The Ritz Carlton.

Onyx is a gemstone and comes in many colors and variations. It can either be cross-cut or vein-cut: vein cut creates thick, horizontal layered bands and cross-cut creates more of a ring pattern.

The versatility of Onyx for your design is not to be overlooked:

  • Fireplace surrounds
  • Bar tops
  • Minimal use countertops and vanities
  • Wall cladding
  • Floor accents
  • Sink vessels
  • Tables
  • Artwork

Gorgeous and translucent, Onyx can provide a delicate and soft accent or be the star of the show.

Arco Iris Onyx from The Stone Collection, Fabrication by Brekhus Tile & Stone Design and Architecture by Roland + Broughton

Come visit us at The Stone Collection to view our vast inventory of Onyx – hand-selected and chosen with care.

4210 Carson St., Denver, CO 80239/ (303) 307-8100

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