Fall Checklist to Keep Your Home and Family More Comfortable

Fall is here and high energy prices can take their toll on your wallet. It’s important to take steps to create a more energy-efficient home to keep your home warm and comfortable in the coming months.


Check Weather Stripping: The use of weatherstripping is one of the most important, and easiest solutions for energy savings in your home. Gaps around doors and windows let cold air into your home even if they’re small. Check exterior doors and windows to see if the weatherstrip is doing its’ job, is clean and undamaged. If replacement is needed, local hardware or home improvement stores most likely carry what you need, or contact a handyman if you prefer.

Upgrade your Thermostat: If you have an older thermostat, consider replacing it with a new programmable one. Programmable thermostats are digital, typically very accurate and can help better maintain temperature levels in your home. They are easy to program for various times of day as well as days of the week to adjust to your active schedules.

Check and Seal Heating Ducts: Although crawling around a crawlspace or attic isn’t always fun, it’s the only way to examine and repair heating ducts. Look for gaps between ducts and fittings, and seal them with qualified metallic tape (not regular duct tape which doesn’t last). Also check to be sure ducts are off the ground and stable.

Change Furnace Filters: Before winter hits, it’s a good time to replace furnace filters – an easy and inexpensive task that can increase efficiency and comfort in your home.

Check Insulation Levels: Improving insulation levels can be a very effective way to increase your comfort and energy efficiency, so check the amount and condition of all visible insulation in the attic, under floors, in skylight shafts and near ductwork. If repairs or installation is necessary, tackle the DIY (do-it-yourself) project yourself or consider hiring a qualified contractor depending on the type and way installation is needed.

Check Smoke Detectors: When the time changes (November 3rd this year), it is perfect timing to check your smoke detectors. Install new batteries and test them to make sure they are operating properly. If you have an older home with few detectors, you may want to install additional ones outside each bedroom or make sure you have at least one on each floor of the home.

Install a Carbon Monoxide Detector: If you have gas utilities or appliances in your home, there is always a possibility of carbon monoxide poisoning with any malfunction. Protect your family and your home by installing one or more carbon monoxide detectors. They are inexpensive, easy to install, and available at most local hardware and home improvement stores.

Clean and Service Fireplaces and Woodstoves: Many homeowners prefer to hire a qualified repairman or chimney sweep to check the functionality in fireplaces and woodstoves. You must make sure that gas, wood and pellet-burning fireplaces and stoves are clean and operating correctly. Qualified and licensed servicemen will check door gaskets, blower operation, flues, flue caps, thermostats and any other aspects of the appliances.

We want your home and family to be safe and warm in the coming months as you enjoy the beautiful days and especially holidays here in Colorado. To make the most of your surroundings, be more energy efficient, and save some money, we hope you consider taking on these tasks and find value in the results.
Disclaimer: This review is intended solely for informational purposes and is not fully inclusive for necessary home maintenance. Consumers should consult contractors and other local resources for additional information and guidance.

Article compliments of Guardian Title Blog and Michael Beninati
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