Extensive Columbine Valley Remodel: Dated to Fabulous in Six Months

This extensive Columbine Valley Remodel was the second project our designer Pam did for these clients. In addition, she had designed their second home in Scottsdale, Arizona.


The homeowners were in Newport Beach while Pam redesigned their Columbine Valley home. They challenged her to complete the project before they returned home in six months. Accordingly, all changes and additions to the original scope of work, as well as refurbishing the significant spaces were all accomplished in the time frame Pam promised.

Meeting the tight timeline would not have been possible without Rosewater Construction, who worked for hand in hand with Pam to create the best remodeling experience possible.  For this reason,  we love working with Dave, and the Rosewater Team!

Columbine Valley Remodel

Columbine Valley Remodel Goals

This Columbine Valley Remodel was required as the home was dated, the entry was dark and drab, and the house did not flow.

One of the goals was to maximize the function of the home. So Pam created the husband’s office where the piano room was, which made that space more purposeful. She then moved the piano to the entry, making it feel grander. It also allowed the entry to serve a dual purpose.

At the same time, a considerable architectural detail was the metal gold hex tile that was added in the ceiling dome in the entry.

Columbine Valley Remodel

Columbine Valley Remodel

Wine Room and Office

Similarly, the coat closet became the wine room, with a window on the entry side, which allowed light to shine through. Secondly, it created a much more exciting space.  In addition, glass and iron doors were added to the wine room and his office that complimented each other.

The railings were retrofitted with a new metal-clad top and bottom and a metal mesh, updating the heavy old world look. Likewise, this design feature was carried into the new mantel in the great room and the new hood in the kitchen.

Columbine Valley Remodel

Columbine Valley Remodel

Kitchen Updates

Part of the kitchen layout was redesigned; however, we were able to use most of the existing cabinets. At the same time, a new lighter countertop and matching back-splash gave it a more clean and updated look.

Furthermore,  the double Islands in the kitchen were eliminated and replaced with one large Island.  Doing so made the great room bigger and connected the two spaces.

Meanwhile, since the columns in the kitchen were weight-bearing, Pam covered them in the same wood as the cabinets.  Which dressed them up and made them feel like part of the kitchen.

Columbine Valley Remodel

Greatroom Changes that Opened Up this Columbine Valley Remodel

Nano doors were added to the great room to open maximize the view and to it up to the patio and golf course.

Pam incorporated some of their existing pieces, however new rugs, mostly new furnishings, all new lighting and some modern art, all gave the house a more transitional and elegant feel.

Columbine Valley Remodel

Columbine Valley Remodel

Master Bathroom Updates

The master bath was a complete redesign.  Firstly, Pam removed all the walls and angles. She then opened up the shower by using glass on both sides.  After that, matching floor and wall tile, a new freestanding tub, and the addition of tile in the domed ceiling all made a tremendous difference.



Ultimately, our clients were extremely happy with their completed Columbine Valley Remodel.


Pam is one of many Columbine Valley and Denver Interior Design firms that were selected by Marina Dagenais to be the experts that she represents as “The Design Matchmaker“.

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