Ever wonder what landcape artists select for thier own projects?

We asked  Designs By Sundown, who told us that their design team has selected concrete and brick pavers as their hardscape material of choice.

One reason is that pavers are a proven winner when it comes to year-round outdoor living in Colorado and our freeze/thaw cycles. Pavers sit on a bed of sand or recycled asphalt which has the capability to move with the shifting soil. Thus, they are less prone to crack or heave in our freeze-thaw cycles.

Aesthetically, pavers look great in any garden setting because they are available in so many different colors, shapes, sizes, and textures. They offer something for every style and taste and are surprisingly affordable, all while adding lasting value to your home. From formal to natural; classical to contemporary; there is a style of paver that complements the architecture of any home.

With proper planning and design, any outdoor space can be transformed into a personal statement with limitless possibilities. Call the design team at Designs By Sundown at 303.789.4400 to create the perfect paver plan for your garden spaces. Be sure to ask them to show you photos from their own outdoor rooms!

For more information, and to browse a portfolio of completed projects, visit designsbysundown.com, call 970-300-2181 or email .

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