Discover the Luxurious European-style Wet Bathroom

Have you heard of the latest trend in residential bathroom design? The European-style wet bathroom is quickly becoming a favorite for those seeking a more luxurious and modern approach to remodeling their bathroom.

But what exactly is a European-style wet bathroom?

It’s a design that combines a bathtub and shower into one ample Space, with no distinct barrier between the shower and the rest of the bathroom floor. Combining these spaces creates a seamless and open concept, perfect for those who value elegance and functionality.

You may be wondering, what sets a wet room apart from a traditional shower room? Unlike a shower room, which typically has a separate area for the shower and drainage system, a wet room is completely open and features waterproof walls and flooring. With its central drain, this design makes it easy for water to flow out and ensures a hassle-free shower experience.

Get ready to be wowed by one of our newest projects: a luxurious European-style wet room designed by the incredible Lindsay Hendrix from Designer Premier.

Lindsay, european style wet bathroom (6)

Project Location: University Park
Budget: About 200k
Bath Fixtures: Kohler
Hardware: Rejuvenation
Cabinetry: Crown Cabinets
GC: Davidson Builds

The client’s desired aesthetic of a luxurious, spa-like atmosphere greatly influenced Lindsay’s material choices. Through carefully curated inspiration images, marble slabs and tiles that exuded high-end elegance were selected. Lindsay opted for a slightly different hue for the shower’s marble tile to complement the slabs while adding a touch of contrast.

Interestingly, the decision to include wood tile on the ceiling was not initially part of the plan. The original intention was to use more marble tile, but its weight proved too heavy for the structure. In a last-minute stroke of inspiration, Lindsay introduced a wood-look tile, adding a warm and inviting element to the shower. It’s these small details that an interior designer adds that truly elevate a design and create a truly luxurious experience.

Special Features of this European-style Wet Bathroom

The windows in the shower, which face the street, are electrified glass that changes from transparent to translucent at the flip of a switch! The freestanding tub and shower are in one enclosed room (a European Wet Room) with no distinguishable curb between the tub and shower area. The backlit LED mirror features a built-in magnified mirror on each.

Master Bath Carefully Curated Inspirational Images

wet room inspiration

wet room inspiration 2

European-style wet bathroom Floor Plan and Elevations

wet room floorplan 2


European-style Wet Bathroom Material Presentation to the Homeowner

wt room materials 1

wt room materials


Are you blown away by Lindsay’s incredible planning and designing skills in this spectacular bathroom remodel? We certainly were!

Lindsay, bathroom before (1)
Lindsay, bathroom before (1)
Lindsay, bathroom before (2)
Lindsay, bathroom before (2)
Lindsay, bathroom before (3)
Lindsay, bathroom before (3)

Here are some key pros and cons you may want to consider when designing a European-style Wet Bathroom

Expand Your Design Options

Say goodbye to traditional shower trays and fixed cubicles – a wetroom allows you to push boundaries and create a truly unique bathroom. With a more open and sophisticated feel, you can experiment with different lighting and materials to achieve your desired aesthetic. Will you choose a cozy spa-like atmosphere with wood and soft ambient lighting? Or do you prefer a sleek and modern look with steel and glass?

Enhance the Aesthetic Value

There’s no denying the “wow” factor that wetrooms add to any property. These modern bathrooms exude simplicity and contemporary elegance from floor-to-ceiling tiling to minimalist fixtures.

Increase Your Property’s Value

Investing in a wetroom is a smart decision as it can increase the value of your property, especially for luxury homes. Its sleek design and functionality make it appealing to potential buyers, including families and individuals with mobility issues. Plus, with its easy-to-clean layout, you’ll have more free time to enjoy your beautiful home.

Save Space with a Wetroom

Wetrooms are a dream solution for smaller properties – they offer all the practicality of a traditional shower space without bulky fittings and fixtures. You can even utilize unique architectural features, such as a sloping ceiling, by installing an open-plan wetroom with a glass screen. This option is impossible with a standard shower enclosure, making wetrooms a space-saving game changer.

Easy Accessibility

Wetrooms may not have been initially designed for this purpose, but they provide a level entry shower that’s perfect for those with limited mobility, such as the elderly or disabled. Having no shower tray to step into makes access to the shower a lot easier. Additionally, wetrooms are a safe choice for people of all ages when fitted with non-slip tiles.

Long-Lasting Durability

An adequately installed wetroom is highly resistant to moisture damage and leaks thanks to the waterproofing systems installed under the tiles.


5 Wetroom Disadvantages to Consider

While this modern and sleek design may seem like the perfect addition to your home, there are a few drawbacks you should be aware of.

Drainage Issues and Water Spills

Improper installation can lead to common issues such as drainage problems and excess water spills. These issues are often caused by inexperienced installers, highlighting the importance of hiring a skilled professional. However, when installed correctly, these problems are infrequent.

Slippery Floors

With the entire floor often covered in tile, slippery floors can be a concern for those installing a wetroom. The floor surface is critical to consider for individuals with mobility issues. Fortunately, you can take steps to decrease the slipperiness, such as choosing tiles with a good score on the pendulum test.

Dampness and Additional Moisture

In smaller wetrooms or ensuites, dampness and excess moisture can be a worry. However, with stricter ventilation regulations in new builds and advanced technology, this should not be a problem. For older properties, installing better ventilation when introducing a wetroom may be necessary. Additionally, a thorough waterproofing process, known as tanking, can prevent excess water from damaging the structure of the building.

Possible Drainage Issues

Proper drainage installation is crucial as wetrooms have no distinction between the showering area and the rest of the room. Poor drainage can lead to pooling water and increase the risk of slipping.

When it comes to wetrooms, it’s essential to consider all aspects before deciding. Consult your contractor and interior designer for the best advice on installation, drainage, and tile choices. Trust us, it’s worth investing in a professional for this project.

Let Designer Premier help you achieve your vision if you want to transform your living space. Lindsay is just one of the many Denver Interior Design firms that Marina Dagenais represents as “The Design Matchmaker.”

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