Designer Premier Designers Support the Kempe Foundation

At Designer Premier we understand the importance of giving back. We have donated time and $$ to many organizations, including Cancer League of Colorado and The Global Down Syndrome Foundation.

Our most recent contribution was  for The Kempe Foundation  Show house which supports the Prevention and Treatment of Child Abuse and Neglect

About The Show House

This home was a collaboration between Denver Life Magazine and Riva Custom Homes as a benefit for The Kempe Foundation. Riva Custom Homes specializes in fine home-building in Denver’s luxury markets. The Kempe Foundation has a long-standing relationship with the community and works to prevent and treat child abuse and neglect.

About the Designers

Shawna Jaramillo
Shawna Jaramillo

Pretty Privy “Powder rooms are the jewel box of the house and should make a statement,” says Jarmillo. “I wanted the statement to be sophisticated, so I kept the color scheme fairly monochromatic.”

Pam Kelker

Luxuriant Quarters “The opulent master bedroom is defined by a wealth of texture and a monochromatic palette with pops of dramatic color. “The reclaimed wood ceiling treatment adds texture and character to a sleek, contemporary master suite,” says Kelker. High-gloss stripes of color are an unexpected element in the warm luxury of the space. The plush, upholstered headboard and traditional damask bedding create a regal backdrop contrasted by the bold, contemporary pattern of the accent pillows. Comfortable seating offers a quiet retreat near the fireplace.”

Jennifer Jelinek and Jenn Medoff
Jennifer Jelinek and Jenn Medoff

“Classic Aviation and a Gin Martini with a Fresh Lime Twist”

Drawing initial inspiration from black and white photos of classic aluminum-sided airplanes, we generated a palette of grays, taupes, bright white, and a fresh splash of lime green. We used clean lines, some angles, textures and a touch of vibrant color to keep the room young, sophisticated and striking. We wanted some organic feelings of old wood and fresh green moss and will stain the white oak wood floor deep charcoal. Fresh Lime TwistWe added some bling and unexpected details, such as a rectangular metal drapery rod, an angle-front vanity shaped like an airplane wing (to solve a bathroom dilemma on how to conceal the toilet without adding a wall in the small bath), and a concrete bath floor that will be stenciled with an image that looks like an aerial view of runways. (It will be perhaps too abstract to be literal, but still understated enough to read as an interesting texture on the floor). Pendant lights above the vanity give a nod to a more rustic light you might find dangling in the office of an old airplane hangar.

The back wall of the shower will be clad in a tile plank that looks like wood to bring in the warmth of nature and will contrast with the crisp white stone, metal and contemporary finishes.  A recess in the back of the shower ceiling will disguise the source for the wall washing light highlighting the texture of this tile.  The bed with attached floating nightstands lit underneath was custom designed and built in a light oak reminiscent of the wood-look tile in the bath shower.  We plan to use a couple of actual old airplane photos, and then a very large and dramatic lime green canvas across from the bed to bring in the pop of color.  The antique lime-green rug will provide texture and color reminiscent of natural grasses lining airport runways in the Colorado springtime.

Below are images illustrating these concepts and designs.  We feel this concept both works with the house and carries through to the smallest details to make an interesting, strong design and suited perfectly to the client.

 If you are interested in a complimentary meeting with any of these designers or want to be matched to a designer that is perfect for you and your project email us!


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