5 Interior Design Ideas That Might Influence Your Construction Project

Denver Construction Ideas That Will Make Your Home Beautiful

You’re ready to take on that big Denver construction project; maybe you are building a new home or updating your current home. Regardless of the project, if construction is to be included,  then you need to think through the many design possibilities before you begin building or remodeling.

It’s best to add an interior designer right away in your plans. Involving a designer can help avoid significant issues like room layout and size problems as well as the details, like the shower door hitting the toilet or cabinet hardware preventing the oven from opening all the way.

While you’re still thinking of ideas for your project or Pinterest board, here are five design ideas that might influence your project.

1: Electric

Electric is more than just lighting. The placement of your outlets, cable, thermostat, and more need to be kept in mind for your project. An excellent idea for your outlets is using USB outlets in the bedrooms, the living room, and the kitchen.

You also may want to consider the best placement for those cable jacks for router and TV placement. You can even add multiple thermostats for optimal HVAC control based on each room’s need.

2: Steam Showers


It’s no secret that bathrooms and kitchens sell a house. They also make living in your home more enjoyable. When planning out the construction of your bathroom, look at installing a steam shower.


These luxurious sounding showers are great for relaxation and the environment. They only use one gallon of water per minute, unlike regular showers that use seven.

3: Window Seats

window seats

Window seats are great for reading, daydreaming, spying on the neighbors, hidden storage, the list is endless. Having a window seat is a great way to make space more inviting and usable.

Planning out where you can install one before you begin construction can ensure the best placement and the most use out of your window seat.

4: Stair Shelves

Stair Shelves

5: Utilizing Rooms

Have you always dreamed of a home office or a playroom? Maybe you need a man cave? Turn that cold, unwelcoming, unfinished basement into the room of your dreams. Creating a much-needed new space may require an add-on, change in the placement of rooms, or even a shed in your backyard.

Whatever the addiction is, turning it into a usable space will need more than just flooring and walls. Storage, furniture, and flow will all play a role in turning that new room into usable space.

If you’re puzzled over the best way to tackle your big Denver construction project, contact us today. We can help your ideas become a reality.

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