How To Design A Space That’s ADHD-Friendly

Our homes should be our sanctuaries, and nothing provokes feelings of stress and discomfort quite like being in a room bursting with clutter.

Creating an environment that is both well organized and structured is important for individuals looking to unwind. For adults and children with ADHD, it is essential that the home is designed to be a haven for relaxation.

ADHD Friendly

By designing soothing spaces that are free from unnecessary distractions, individuals with ADHD can handle the challenges of their condition in a healthy way and be encouraged by their surroundings to seek mental and emotional wellness.

There are a variety of design ideas that can transform a space into one that is ADHD-friendly.


• Use a calming color palette. By incorporating colors that are known to calm the mind, such as earthy tones (like browns and greens) or soothing blues, you can contribute to the mood of the room and reduce any added busyness.

• Install organizational furniture. Consider items like storage benches or ottomans, tables with built-in shelving and drawers, and stackable shelving cubes. These will guarantee that everything in the room has a home, decreasing any buildup of messes and clutter.

• Include soft lighting. Lighting is oftentimes an overlooked design element, but by dimming switches or spreading the sources of light over multiple fixtures, a room can feel more soothing and less harsh.

• Designate a quiet area. Whether you have a small cubby or an entire room that is designated for peace and quiet, the area will deliver a sense of privacy and solitude that can help people with ADHD relax. Quiet time shouldn’t be taken for granted, and having a designated space for reflection is a great way to ease anxiety.

Utilizing any of these other ADHD-friendly design ideas is a surefire way to add interior elements to your home that will encourage peace of mind and limited distractions.


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