Tips to Keep Your Custom Closet in Budget

Are you interested in ways to keep your custom closet in the budget?

Keeping your custom closet in the budget may seem challenging. In a recent survey conducted by Houzz, it was reported that over half of those polled (52%) found it difficult to keep their home improvement ventures on budget. Custom closet projects are no different, but we can help you pinpoint ways to keep your final price in the budget, while your design remains on-trend.

In fact, one of the primary benefits of a truly personalized closet system is that you are in complete control of the cost, so you get the closet you need, in the style you love, at the price you want. Now, we’re not math wizards by any stretch of the imagination, but we’re pretty sure that’s a win-win-win scenario.

Closet Factory

Closet Factory

Closet Factory’s complimentary, in-home design consultation will help you keep the cost of your project down, but what happens during your appointment is extremely important. Expert designers will work with you to discover your unique needs and discuss your budget for your closet renovation project.

Using the information you have provided them, your designer is able to create an organizational design that accomplishes all of your goals. Then, they will provide you with a seemingly limitless array of accessories and finishes to complete the style and compliment the rest of your home. And you control the cost by choosing only the materials you really want.

The process is simple, but we want to let you in on some fool-proof ways to keep your custom closet on budget.

1. Back-off Backing

Instead of adding custom backing to your closet, which can create a seamless design yet hike up the cost, let the paint you already have shone through. If the current hue must go, grab a color that contrasts, a faux texture or simply match the shade of the materials you’ve selected.

2. Do Away with Drawers

Fully extendable drawers have their place in every closet system, but people often tend to go overboard. Adjustable closet shelving is a great alternative to pullout drawers. T-shirts, sweaters and sweats are all prime candidates for a secured spot on your closet shelf, which ensures that you’re able to find what you need at a glance. Baskets are another fantastic, space-saving and budget-conscious way to get more storage.

3. Why Not White?

Always in style, even after Labor Day, white allows your wardrobe to stand out while avoiding the additional cost of in-house staining or painting. And with an endless supply of accessories and hardware to choose from, you’ll be able to create any look you desire.

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