Client Presentations: 5 ways Designers Present

Curious how designers do client presentations?

Client Presentations are typically done after the project has gone through the design phase.  This is the question phase where the designer conducts an extensive  investigation to gain a complete understanding of the homeowners wishes, design style and budget.

How the designer uses client presentations to share their design concepts to you will be guided by several things:

  1. Your ability to envision the project
  2. Your wishes
  3. How generous the budget is

I have also found that designers themselves have preferred ways to do client presentations . Here are some of the more common methods of communicating a designers design ideas with their clients:

  1. Rough free-hand sketch.
  2. Informal presentation of fabrics, flooring, hard surfaces and pictures of furniture, lighting and accessorizing options.
  3. Digital presentation.
  4. Concept sketch.
  5. Formal presentation board.

 1. Rough free-hand sketch.

hand sketch
To save a client both time and money out designers often will create a ruff sketch to help communicate ideas to the client. In this example of a fireplace that was being redesigned the sketch was also used to direct the artist that did the work.
Designers Present
Here is the before photo of the fireplace.
Here is the new fireplace!











2. Informal presentation of fabrics, flooring, hard surfaces and pictures of furniture, lighting and accessorizing options.

Many designers, especially those that have been in the business for many years, use a much less structured way of presenting to their clients. For example, in the case of a family or living room, they will bring several options of fabrics and flooring as well as photos of 3-4 sofas, lighting, side tables etc. This allows you to pick and choice from the options before you, personalizing the process even further to your personal style.

Designers Present
A more casual way of presenting design concepts but highly effective.

3. Digital presentation

Designers Present
Here is the finished bedroom which incorporates the design elements in the digital presentation.

 4. Concept sketch

Some times clients need help to visualize even further. If this is the case we can do a conceptual drawing of the space. While this is a highly effective way to share the designers vision it is a more costly way of presenting.

5. Formal presentation board

Here are some examples of a more formal presentation. Most designers do not take it to this level as spending the time to put it together in this format is not usually the best use of a clients money.

An important element of evaluating if a designer is a great fit for you, is their ability to present to you in a format that helps you to visualize your project. So naturally, when we meet with design clients to match them to a designer, how they learn and their ability to visualize ideas are taken into consideration.

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