Clever, Creative Shelving and Bookshelves for Your Home

Just about every client we work with has a need for creative shelving and bookshelves. People who love books and collecting things often lust for attractive, unusual bookshelves. They want quality shelves that are made from a material other than press-board.


Sometimes they are used as a decorative element to display collected items or artwork and other times they are simply to store stuff.


Traditional bookcases can do anything and are what is typically used to store things like books. Vertical bookshelves are a great way to really use that wall space and can also be used as a room divider.


Intelligent and Playful Shelving and Bookshelves

Today’s Modern trend has prompted the design of more creative shelving and bookshelves. Used this way they become an architectural element of the space and a piece of art.



Miron creates shelving in bamboo, glass, Corian, and powder-coated steel. Their use of angular monochrome frames is designed to create captivating optical effects.



Conceal Shelves

They appear to disregard gravity, as books stacked on a conceal shelf seem to be floating in air.


Sinapsi by Horm

A modular shelf system created by the Chilean artist Sebastian Errazuriz and inspired by neutrons receiving electrical and chemical impulses, a process he likens to bookshelves receiving books and absorbing them into there own environment. Synapsi also “transmits” them via the branches that extend along the wall.

You can repeat the various Synapsi combinations, side by side, rotating, or mirroring them to create many different compositions and decorate walls using your own imagination,


Mondovisione by Tonelli

A large bookcase/shelving system for displaying electrical equipment, books, ornaments, etc. The central support is made from mirrored steel as also acts as a cable holder. Mondovisione version B has a gap in the middle shelf where a TV can be housed (gap size is 195×97 cm (76×38 inches). The unit as a whole can support 70 kg (154 lbs) and a max shelf weight of 30 kg (66 lbs).



Press-Citron shelving is designed and manufactured in France


Metamorphosis Shelf

Carved wood /56 x 127 x 14-1/2 in  (142,2 x 322,6 x 36, 8cm)

The shelves of Sebastian Errazuriz”s one-off, is hand-carved following organic designs of crawling Ivy. Metamorphosis is an attempt by the artist to recreate the great old ivy that grew in his childhood home. At the time he and his brothers would use the thick branches that ran next to the wall as a natural shelf to store their garden toys.


Off the wall

Three-dimensional wallpaper bulges out away from the wall to provide a camouflaged bookshelf space. Range of patterns.


Modular shelving is an affordable option that allows creative customization.

We have searched the web and magazines to find a unique collection of shelving and bookshelves.  If you need some assistance in organizing your space and need a great interior designer, we can pair you with the designer that is perfect for you and your project!

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