Restoring a home that was a foreclosure can be a bit overwhelming for a homeowner.

In this foreclosure, all of the light fixtures and bathroom vanity cabinets were taken by the previous owner.  Even the entry and three living room fixtures, that needed scaffolding to get down, were stripped.

So the house was really a blank canvas!

A foreclosure is  NOT intimidating to a great interior designer – just exciting!


Designer Premier Designer, Shawna, had been working on and off with the Hubble’s for the past 5 years.  They are a young married couple who bought this house in foreclosure knowing that it would be their “forever” house.

Our client, Stefanie wasn’t crazy about the architecture and hated the columns, which she would call “poles”.

She also hated the stone floor and had a hard time seeing past the yellow/tan undertones in it.

Restoring a home that was a foreclosure

The wood stained crown that’s inside each recessed section was painted white to soften it. All new furnishings, including the 3 light fixtures and the beautiful horizontal striped drapery panels




 foreclosure before remodel


We started on the Family Room

Since Stefanie was having a hard time envisioning the full potential of the other spaces we started in the family room.

It is the location they will be spending the most time in and it has beautiful hand scrapped wood floors instead of the stone, which they preferred.

foreclosure family room after remodel

We painted the existing built-ins a grey color and had the existing mantel and hearth painted to tone down the yellow color.

It took some time to get her to see a design direction and get her to like what she was working with but once we got rolling it started to SLOWLY fall into place.


Shawna, is one of many designers that were selected by Marina Dagenais to be the experts that she represents as “The Design Matchmaker”.

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Meet Marina: “The Design Matchmaker”

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