Barn Door Craze- Love it or Hate It?


Barn Doors?

We love this creative twist on pocket doors that can be utilized in many different ways to add architectural interest!

Barn Doors open up the floor space due to not having the arc of the swinging door.

They provide both privacy and decor without taking up extra space or needing to worry about electrical, plumbing, or vents on the other side.

Here are some of my favorite ways that barn doors have been used in interior design in some amazing homes.

Love the lightness
Love the lightness of the style and the doors, make me think about life in the country.
Love this rustic slab wood barn-type door
Love this rustic slab wood barn-type door! ~ ♥
Frameless glass slider
Frameless glass slider that disappears but makes a statement
RED Barn Door
RED Barn Door- what’s not to love
full-length mirror
Who doesn’t need a full-length mirror?

Barn doors can be an amazing feature in the right location
We believe that architectural elements, like barn doors, are like clothes, if tastefully done they will be timeless. It depends on the style of the house and surrounding rooms. It can work extremely well or end up being a disaster. Whether one dates a home has to do with the style of the door rather than its operating design. But that’s true of typical hinged doors, too.

Barn doors
Fun sliding doors (instead of french doors) to separate rooms

Barn Door Track Systems
Barn Doors use a new type of barn door track system that allows the doors to be hung on the outside of the wall so that they are visible while opened or closed. They are not like a pocket door that actually slides inside of the wall. There are some limitations to closing and locking them. They do not slide over top of the casings like a regular hinged door so there will be gaps. The doors can be locked from the inside using a wide variety of locks but not the typical kind. The simple solution is a hook and eye latch similar to what is often found on fence gates. It is important to make sure the latch is installed in a way that would not be difficult to operate due to the offset nature of the door panel to the wall.
Here are a few sites that specialize in Barn Door Hardware

Barn Door Hardware
Beautiful blue country doors used to separate the sunroom

How Thick is the Door?
Typically, a sliding door (or barn door) is the usual thickness of a regular door or thicker. A good minimum would be around 1-5/8″ or 1-3/4″. If it is too thin it will not work well for muffling sound or for preventing heat loss through the door panel.

sliding door
Frameless sliding glass door- LOVE IT!!

Have you ever wondered why Barn Doors have become so popular? I wonder if the past recession has led us to the resurgence of ‘reuse, recycle, re-purpose. reupholster’, etc. The idea of returning to a simpler time, reusing old doors or salvaged wood is appealing to a lot of homeowners.

There is a lot of information on Pinterest for DIY, if you have the knowledge to design and install one on your own. If you have a designer you are working with they will be able to implement one into your home. If you are interested in engaging an interior designer to assist you, CLICK here as we would love to help.

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