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Custom, Printed Shades Selected as 2014 Hot Product at the Colorado Home and Garden Show


Colorado Home
Hot New Product , Featured on 9News, Fox31News, and Channel 2 News.

Ever wish you could have the exact color, pattern, texture, or design you really wanted instead of what someone else has selected to be hot this season?

Now you can.

With advanced printing technologies, we can now print virtually anything on window treatments- your graphics, our shades.

Colorado Home
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Our roller, roman, panel track, and even cellular shades allow you to design your own shade and express a style that is uniquely you. Designing your own shade is simple. Either choose an existing pattern using a full-color palette for recoloring or submit your own photo, graphic, or design (including logos!), and we’ll custom print it for you.

Your only limit is your imagination.

Available through Blind Corners and Curves or your Interior Designer. 

If you are interested in engaging an interior designer to assist you, CLICK here as we would love to help.


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