A Smart, Connected Home: the Latest Trend in Home Building

There are home trends that come and go, like popcorn ceilings and all-granite-everything. Some trends, though, become the new norm – and the latest one that seems like it’s here to stay is the smart, connected home.

Customization and convenience

New home buyers are looking for the convenience, functionality, and accessibility of smart home technology – whether it’s a high-end, all-encompassing system or a few key pieces and a central hub. A smart, connected home provides the homeowner the ability to integrate smart tech they want and needs throughout their home with professional systems like Control4 or Crestron, or more a-la-carte versions like Amazon or Google is key to appealing to new buyers.

You can provide a smart, connected home designed with your buyers truly in mind by incorporating the blueprint for this technology early in the build process. Include the necessary infrastructure to add on to as technology and needs change, so that your buyers can feel comfortable settling into and growing in their new home. By including voice-controlled, customizable technology, they’ll be able to live comfortably, with the ability to control their climate, lighting, security, entertainment, and more – whether they want their tech to stand out or blend in seamlessly.

Make home security a priority

The features of a smart, connected home aren’t “add-ons” anymore – they’re part of the standard package. You’ll keep the installers and your buyers happy if you’re able to plan in the design for this highly-desired and necessary feature. Every homeowner wants to be sure their home, family, and belongings are safe. With endless technology available to keep your home safe, including cameras, smart door locks, window sensors, and other features, you’ll want the infrastructure in place for whatever comes your way.

Highlight this tech in your model homes

Even if your buyers already have a DIY system in place in their current home, there’s so much more to consider when building their dream home! Your model home(s) should be outfitted with your standard smart home package – and then some. In using your model as a smart tech showroom, you’ll be showing them a new world of design possibilities that offer more customization and personal touches.

Consider an all-encompassing security system, a whole-home audio system, as well as lighting and shade control that can be customized based on the time of day, a mood or event, and so on. Having an impressive smart home as your “base model” means you’ll be setting yourself apart from the competition – and that’s sure to get any buyer’s attention.

How we can help

Whether you’re a builder or in the market to buy a home yourself, we have the resources and pros to help you with everything from design, training, or connecting you with tech-savvy home builders we’ve worked within the past. Give us a call today to get started!

Article provided by our preferred company for smart technology, Logic Integration.

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