5 Spring Interior Design Trends that You Must Try: Color and Texture!

Spring is always such an exciting time, especially for interior design trends. From the brown of winter to the beautiful colors that spring forward. Our five spring Interior design trends remind me of vibrant blooming flowers, green grass, long sunny days, newness, and excitement.

Color is Back Bigtime as Seen in 2018 Spring Interior Design Trends

Warm, Rich Jewel Tones Like
Reds, Burnt Yellow, Vibrant Greens


All-white interiors are losing popularity

Homeowners are shying away from mild colors and becoming bigger risk-takers by injecting vibrant colors, such as warm wood tones (Pantone just named UltraViolet it’s Color of the Year) and neutrals (cream, blue, and gray), into the space to give it a warm, fresh and unique feel.

2018 Spring Interior design trends in kitchens, in particular, will continue to brighten up in the new year.

Color and Texture

Sherwin-Williams selected Oceanside SW 6496 (think emerald green meets sapphire) for there color of the year. Both Oceanside (image below left) and Pantone’s Ultraviolet (image below right) and shades are said to be uniquely invigorating.

Color and Texture

Color and Texture

Here is a dramatic but yummy room using both of 2018 spring interior design trend colors together.

spring interior design

If the idea of bright color is intimidating or overwhelming to you,  use winks of color in a primarily neutral room. Mix these saturated colors with white to balance it out, so they do not feel overwhelming.

Adding just a gesture of color adds personality and livens up space.

See the 2018 Color Trends for Home Design

painted accent

The trend of a painted accent wall will lessen, and in its place, we will see vibrant, deep colors with a mix of white to balance out the palette.

color trends

2018 Spring Interior design trends also affect trim colors.

We will see colors like charcoal gray which breaks up the white but doesn’t stray too far for conventional palates.

trim colors

The Modern Farmhouse Remains Popular – Especially Bucket or Trough Sinks

A refined farmhouse style is trending bigtime right now. Instead of being true to a specific style, choose one, two or three element.

Warm wood details with white, gold/Brass accents, vintage lighting, wainscoting and modern pulls are all great options to incorporate this look.


Bucket or trough sinks are becoming more popular than stainless or white.

You will see darker, and more daring designs, as well as concrete and stone styles.They are a cool accent piece and play a part in the more rustic and natural aesthetics we’ll be seeing in 2018.


Wallpaper- But Not Your Great-Grandma’s Kind


Patterned and colorful wallpaper is a superb way to show your distinctive style, as well as add warmth and texture to your home.

An oversized abstract floral is fresh and modern, and their impact can be significant when used in a small space like a powder room, entryway or a nursery. Contrasting florals with organic textures and neutral colors conjures a sophistication that is pleasing.



Geometric patterns are going to be huge.

The design options for wallpaper are endless as digitally printed papers are being produced by small boutique wallpaper companies.


Modern Maximalism Rather Than Neutral Minimalism


2018 Spring Interior Design Trends are moving away from neutral and monochromatic interiors and heading toward colors and patterns that speak to individuality and emotions.

We see more pieces and more colors and more mixing of patterns to create a purposefully over-decorated look.

Examples include layering different rugs, using bright colors and bold patterns not only for pillows and accessories but larger furniture pieces, and decorating with bold-on-bold accents such as wallpaper and rugs in the same space.

Graphics wallpapers, cool tile backsplashes, and more rounded fixtures


Velvet Upholstery and Shapely Furniture

Velvet in rich jewel tones is on-trend this fall, along with cashmere and other soft, luxurious fabrics as people desire comfort and the need to touch luxurious fabrics.

Velvet a timeless material, which adds a lot of warmth and texture to any interior.

There are matte linens, cotton velvets, and unbelievably lustrous silk velvets, several which can be used indoor and outdoor. Velvet brings a grounded, earthy feel to space, while the texture makes it opulent.

You will want to select velvet in intense, saturated tones, like warm reds, browns, earthy greens, and mustard yellows. A dash of pulsing-hot pink velvet can jazz up a room quickly.


Hot for 2018 Spring Interior Design Trends: Shapely Couches will take cues from the ’70s this season, with quirky curves that liven up your living room.

Interior Design

2018 Spring Interior Design Trends are about individuality and expressing yourself through color and texture.

When we work with our client’s we ask the right questions and listen to the answers which enable us to create beautiful spaces that reflect our client’s personalities. We would love to do this for you as well!

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