2018 Fashion Trends – Fun, Lively and Vibrant Colors

Color trends in both fashion and home design are primarily driven by what is happening in the world. With all the senseless carnage around the world, you may feel that our society is looking scary, bleak and grey at the moment. For this reason, it is understandable that we desire color and excitement in our lives.

Pantone has been the number one trend watcher since the year 2000. Their predictions influence everything from fashion to interior design and branding. They select the color of the year based on trends in film, art, sports, fashion, all areas of design, and politics – and the pulse of the world.

2018 Fashion Trends – the Spring Top 12 Color Palette

Vibrant Colors


Above: Pantone Fashion Color Trend Report Spring 2018 | Color Card

PANTONE Fashion Color Trend for Spring 2018 features 12 colors for men’s and women’s fashion.

The selections are based on the belief that consumers have a desire to step out of the “neutral” box and mix, explore, and experiment with color. They no longer want to feel limited by color guidelines. I believe that the melancholy of the world has driven this desire of fun, lively and vibrant colors that inspire joy and a playful release.

2018 Fashion Trends – the Spring Classic Color Palette

Vibrant Colors

The Spring Classic Color Palette is fashion neutrals. They are essential colors for building your wardrobe as they go with anything. Like any trend, it is always important to decide whether the look is for you.


This year those shades are Navy, light grey, warm beige, and off-white. I am excited to see the Navy as it is a color that looks great with my skin tone. The light grey is also my color friend. The warm beige and off-white will not be in my wardrobe as they will wash me out and give my skin a yellow tone. Learn more about the 2018 Spring Color Trends from Pantone.

2018 Fashion Trends – what colors will look best on you

Vibrant Colors

If you have not had a color analysis done, I strongly suggest you do so. I have trained in this some time ago and still follow my winter color pallet religiously.  I can say that dressing in the right colors has changed my life. My training was based on the belief that everyone falls into one of four seasons. I came across this website that does a great job of helping you determine your season.

Vibrant Colors


I agree with the color pallets shown except with bright and mutted yellow being in winter, and I do look good in a dark chocolate brown – at least for my color tones. https://www.colormepretty.co/categories-2/4-season-color-analysis/

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