792 S. High St., 80209

The 2018 Denver Life Designer Showhouse is a collaborative effort between Denver Life Magazine, Caliber Construction, David Paauw Design and 15 different interior designers, with a goal of raising $50,000-plus for Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver.

This 5,488-square-foot four-story, five-bedroom, four-and-a-half bath contemporary home is a brand new build in the Washington Park neighborhood. Each interior designer has volunteered countless hours to their individual room—they have each created a unique space that reflects their personal style while ensuring the house as a whole flows seamlessly together.

 The Study was created by Designer Premier Designers Cass and Austin

The Vision for The Study

Cass and Austin wanted the study to be a place where you could both entertain and relax. Since it is right next to the dining room, they envisioned people moving to the study after dinner for dessert and drinks. Or a reprieve in the middle of the day to curl up with a good book and a coffee. Their goal was to make this a more casual space rather than a formal sitting room.

What Makes The Study Special?

Cass and Austin have created the perfect “vibe” for the study. It is easy to pick out cute things but to add this layer of story and vibe takes talent.

The Takeaway for The Study

Mixing patterns elevate spaces so do not be afraid to mix patterns in a room. It can be complicated to get the right mix on your own but a professional designer can help you achieve this easily.

The Laundry Room was created by Designer Premier Designers Jamie

The Vision for The Laundry Room

Jamie’s goal was to create a fresh, clean look that inspires comfort to the Laundry room. She also added texture with a colorful and interesting wall tapestry. She feels like the days of the washer and dryer being tucked in the basement are gone and that the homeowner should enjoy being in the laundry room (even if they do not love doing the laundry).

What Makes The Laundry Room Special?

Jamie knew that combining function and form were essential when designing this space. She created a metal shelf and custom brackets to offer several practical options. In the photo, she placed artwork and plants on the shelf which is designed deep enough to hold a basket or stack of cloths, which is likely how it will be used.

The Takeaway for The Laundry Room

Just because space is functional does not mean it can not have a playful vibe. Jamie used hexagon tiles on the floor that bring a sense of liveliness to the area. She also encourages the use of plants as they lighten the mood.

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