1970 Kitchen Remodel = Space Transformation

1970 Kitchen Remodel results in a total Space Transformation

Mrs. Bennett has lived in her home for 16 years and was getting tired of the dated kitchen that was original to the 1970’s home. So she went to Home Depot to see if they could help her with her 1970 kitchen remodel. She told them what she thought she wanted and they created a design based on exactly that.

This was a big investment for her and she wanted to make sure she was doing it right.

She realized that all the Home Depot did was take her order... they did not offer her any ideas or suggestions. This experience helped her understand that she needed professional help.

She had no idea where to turn to get the help she needed for her 1970 kitchen remodel until she visited BAC Appliances.  She told Derek (one of their super knowledgeable staff) her story and he suggested she speak with Marina, The Design Matchmaker.

The Design Matchmaker
The ceilings were low, separation walls between the kitchen and nook created a small and dark space.


dream kitchen
Mrs. Bennett’s dream kitchen. The raised ceilings allowed for taller upper cabinets and a new lighting plan.


kitchen design
The existing kitchen did not have enough working surface and was poorly designed.

Marina interviewed Mrs. Bennett to match her to her perfect designer.

Mrs. Bennett shared that she was wanting to do a total gut to her original 1970’s kitchen but wanted to make sure that she did it right. She needed a designer who would work with her to develop her kitchen design and to help her avoid making costly mistakes. Together they decided that Oksana would be the best designer to assist her.

Mrs. Bennett told Oksana that she wanted a more open kitchen layout with higher ceilings and better lighting. She had a fun teapot collection that she wanted to use as well. With the assistance of Caruso Kitchens and the contractor, Mission Builders, Oksana created the kitchen of her dreams.

Light grey cabinets
Light grey cabinets with shaker doors create a fresh, transitional look. The dark granite countertops highlight the width and length of the working surface. Photos by Shutter Avenue Photography
backsplash tile
The multi-colored glass backsplash tile adds a touch of interest to the subtle finishes around it.


The new design and layout opened up the space tremendously. Now the kitchen is a “center point” for the whole house.

Oksana is one of many designers that were selected by Marina Dagenais to be the experts that she represents as “The Design Matchmaker”.

Marina matches homeowners with the perfect interior designer based on personality, the scope of work, talent needed, design style, budget, location, and timing.

Interested in learning more? Click here to view a short video on her Complimentary Designer Matching Service

Contact Marina today to start a conversation about the many wonderful options we have at your disposal~

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