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Meet Marina Dagenais, The Design Matchmaker

Meet Marina Dagenais, The Design Matchmaker


“I am very passionate about the difference the right design professional can make.”

I’ve been matching clients with the right design talent since 2003 and I find that I’m learning something new about the difference they make in people’s lives every day.

Helping people find the perfect designer, builder, architect to create their unique nurturing environment is tremendously rewarding and fulfilling, and I love doing it.” Marina


Marina was hired by the Denver Design District to launch a program called Design Connection in 2003.   In this role, she worked with many design clients, designers, showrooms and gained an in-depth understanding of the design process.  During her seven years at the DDD she acquired information on what made a good designer and what traits were important to assure successful design projects and happy clients.

Marina Dagenais, also known as “The Design Matchmaker” has been helping clients find the perfect design professionals for their projects since 2003.

When Marina started Designer Premier in the fall of 2010, she handpicked 15 designers that had the skill, education, integrity and communication skills that she felt were critical.

Most of the interior designers that she represents today have been with her since 2003 and thus she has an excellent understanding of their strengths and weaknesses as well as which types of personalities and projects they excel at the most.

Marina is a forward-thinking service professional with over 30 years of business experience with 20+ years specifically serving the affluent market.  Marina’s previous experience includes seven years working as the Design Connection program coordinator at the Denver Design District, seven years as a top sales/event manager for Alex Brooks Fine Catering and 12 years as a high-end salon/spa owner/stylist with 18 employees in Saskatoon, Canada (where she grew up).In each of her roles what she loved the best was asking questions to assure she understood her client’s needs and then fulfilling them in a way that made a huge impact on their lives. It is her passion to make a difference in people’s lives that makes her so good at matching clients with the right design talent.

Rick MarchesiniMarina, I have thought intensely on why I picked “Designer Premier” to find the right designer and contractors, for the interior remodel/reface of my home.  It is because you LISTENED, you CARED, and did not push me into the wrong “fit” with a designer!  You wanted my home, above all else, to be a reflection of my personality and comfort!  You did not rush the process, nor tried to make a quick dime!  Rick Marchesini, Littleton Co

Marina and her team of design professionals are standing by with the right creative talent and a service level that will exceed your expectations and bring your vision to life. When you deal with the best of the best- anything is possible!

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