ENVIRONMENTAL Sink…..using your Toilet tank!

That’s right folks – there is a sink in the tank of this toilet!

The New York Times calls it one of 5 “Must-do’s for a Green Home.” WorkBench Magazine named it a “Top Innovation.” From Interior Design Magazine to HGTV, it’s clear folks have good things to say about SinkPositive.

I found this one at Linger’s Restaurant (Lingers is a new restaurant (old Olingers mortuary) and bar in the lower highlands 2030 W 30th  Ave, 80211. Nice bar upstairs with a great city view)

Conserves Water

Freshwater for your hands, greywater for the bowl.

 Saves Money

Puts money in your pocket by detecting costly leaks and reducing water bills.

Manages Small Spaces

Get more elbow room with the ultimate small space solution.

Promotes Hygiene and Sanitation

Touch-free wash eliminates interaction with germs on faucet knobs and handles.

 Engages all Ages

Convenient and immediate visual cue inspires hand washing of even the smallest hands.

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