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Client Presentations: 5 ways Designers Present

Curious how designers do client presentations? Client Presentations are typically done after the project has gone through the design phase.  This is the question phase where the designer conducts an extensive  investigation to gain a complete understanding of the...

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Need some Inspiration for your Home Office?

Working from home has it challenges, from the many distractions to lack of function and organization. Whether you have a loft that needs to be transformed into a functional office or a cubby that needs functionality, to a space that simply inspires you, a professional...

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Instant Dry Hardwood Floor Finishing

New Instant UV Cured Floor Finishing Service. Designer Premier has  partnered with T and G Flooring bring our clients the latest in floor finishing technology. This is great news for homeowners with tight time constraints moving into a new home. General contractors...

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Interior woodwork and furniture that is crafted with care!

Meet Bryant Bajema, the owner of Colorado Fine Woodworks For 13 years, Bryant has been passionate about producing the finest interior residential and commercial woodwork and he has applied himself to learn from some of the best in the business. Bryant L. Bajema...

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New Outdoor Shade Solution

 We would like to introduce you to an exciting new outdoor shade solution from Italy offered by Shade-Outdoor Living Solutions. Shade-Outdoor Living Solutions has a  A CUSTOM-MADE & INNOVATIVE SOLUTION FOR EVERY OUTDOOR SPACE.   2700 South Broadway, Denver, CO....

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Love the look of marble but wish it was more durable?

We are excited to announce the arrival of Neolith Classtone!! WE'VE NEVER SEEN ANYTHING EVEN CLOSE TO THE REALISM AND BEAUTY OF THESE SLABS. **If you didn't know better, you'd assume this material was actual stone quarried in Italy!** You can finally have your cake...

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What’s New in Flooring

  In Flooring Options   One of the many advantages of working with an interior designer is there vast knowledge of the latest and greatest products. Here are just a few of the exciting new options in flooring. Click Here if you would like further information or...

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Exciting NEW Product For Your Home!

NEOLITH is a high performance material that is perfect  for countertops, cladding, large format flooring and facades, etc… It does not scratch or stain, it is heat, fire and heavy-duty cleaning agent resistant. It is ideal for food contact and processing, due to...

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Modern Vs. Contemporary Design

I am often asked what the difference is between modern and contemporary design. Modern and contemporary in interior design are not one in the same, as many people might think. Nor does “modern” refer to what is currently popular in design. The terms modern and...

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Designer Premier welcomes Studio D

We are excited to welcome Danielle to our team of talented designers! More than 15 years of experience in every aspect of interior design From textiles to interior architecture, Design Principal Danielle Wallinger leads Studio D in creating publicly acclaimed,...

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2013 CH&L Magazine Home of the Year

We are very excited to announce that one of our Designer Premier Designers, Mikhail's Dantes, of D&D Interiors and Town Studio was awarded 2013 CH&L Magazine Home of the Year. This is his own personal home. Mikhail is also a co-owner of Town Studio in the...

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Donate your used furnishes and cabinets, etc

Where do you donate your used furnishes and cabinets? Restore and Second Chance Thrift Stores are great ways to dispose of your old things while helping those less fortunate. The Habitat ReStores sell new and used home furnishings and building materials to support...

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