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Who hasn't dreamed of a well organized closet where everything is all in one place and easy to find. I know I have, and in fact a new closet for my master bedroom is on my "home update" list for 2014. At the turn of the century, homes were built with very small...

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How do I know my sofa is worth recovering?

Have you ever asked yourself if you should reupholster an old sofa or buy something new? If you’ve ever furnished a house or an apartment, it’s highly likely you’ve asked yourself this question. While you are saving this furniture from potentially going to a landfill,...

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Finishing With Light – Light vs. Shadow

True story:  A client contacted my lighting consulting firm after living in their brand new home for six months. She was distressed,“there just isn’t enough light. We need MORE lights.” When we visited her home it was apparent that the lighting was poor. But it was...

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Four tips to deal with clutter

Does the amount of clutter in your home, car or office seem overwhelming? Is it hard for you to pare down your things because they might be useful someday? Have you considered hiring a professional organizer? Living in a disorderly household or office negatively...

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Countertop Options and Performance

Gorgeous materials are easy to fall in love with in magazines and showrooms but will your choice end up breaking your heart and your budget? If you’re working with a design professional they will be able to offer more specific guidance to each products performance and...

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Great Pantry Solutions

Pantries have a tendency to become the catch-all for the kitchen... where rarely-used appliances, unwieldy baking dishes and extra foodstuffs find a home. However, many pantries are not built with organization in mind and often have simple shelves spaced too far apart...

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Fall Checklist to Keep Your Home and Family More Comfortable

Fall is here and high energy prices can take their toll on your wallet. It’s important to take steps to create a more energy-efficient home to keep your home warm and comfortable in the coming months. Check Weather Stripping: The use of weather stripping is one of the...

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Livable Design: Aging in your home gracefully.

Aging in your home gracefully.....WHAT does that mean? Many of us will  require special accommodations to allow us the ability to aging in our homes. As we age or due to an illness or accident, there are things we can do to make them more livable. Livable Design...

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