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Colorado Closet Factory Enters Crystal Awards

Schedule your free consultation today, and collaborate with the professionals at The Closet Factory on a stylish and efficient design for any area of your house. CLOSET FACTORY – COLORADO 8480 Upland Drive, Suite 200, Centennial, CO 80112 (303)690.6901 /...

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Denver Remodeling Costs 2015

Remodeling Costs... have you stumped? If you are thinking of remodeling your home, one of the first questions you will probably start with is..... "How much will it cost?" Then you will ask..... "What is the return on your investment ?"   Design professionals...

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Introducing Glass Artisan Susie Zeitner

Introducing Glass Artisan Susie Zeitner of Z Glass Act Glass Artisan Susie Zeitner designs and manufactures one of a kind glass pieces. She formed formed Z Glass Act in 1998 which is located in Sisters, Oregon.  Sizes range from 16"-36" in diameter.   Over the...

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Feast for the Eyes: Onyx

Rocky Mountain Region’s Largest Inventory of Onyx Onyx is a gemstone and comes in many colors and variations. It can either be cross cut or vein cut: vein cut creates thick, horizontal layered bands and cross cut creates more of a ring pattern. The versatility of Onyx...

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Hot NEW Product at the Home Show

Custom, Printed Shades Selected as 2014 Hot Product at the Colorado Home and Garden Show   Ever wish you could have the exact color, pattern, texture or design you really wanted instead of what someone else has selected to be hot this season? Now you can. With...

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Barn Door Craze- Love it or Hate It?

Barn Doors? We love this creative twist on pocket doors that can be utilized in many different ways to add architectural interest! Barn Doors open up the floor space due to not having the arc of the swinging door. They provide both privacy and decor without taking up...

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Working with a Design Coach

Is a Design Coach for you? Do you dream about a home that welcomes you in?   You know, the feeling when you walk in the door and go "Ayah". Where all the stresses of the day are left at the door!Sounds pretty wonderful, don't you think? So, what is holding you back?...

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Seven Tips for Better Bathroom Lighting

Bathroom lighting is important as it is the room that we start and end our day in. One of the main problems with bathroom lighting is that it can throw shadows, which can make it very difficult to carry out grooming like shaving and applying makeup, and of course...

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Lighting is the Jewelry of the Room

Have you noticed that when you walk into a dark or poorly lit room there is a feeling of gloom. While walking into a well lit room, with the right blend of natural and artificial light creates an uplifting and welcoming feeling. Lighting that is beautiful and makes a...

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Home Furnishings from Around the World

Rustic / Reclaimed / Vintage / Industrial/ Antique/ Modern Rare Finds Warehouse is a collaboration of what’s new and old in the world of furniture and home decor. We sell wholesale and retail from our warehouse in Denver, Colorado.   Hand-Picked Custom Built Home...

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How to Organize Your Kids’ Rooms

Winter break is officially over and the hustle and bustle has returned faster than the melting snow. But with school days resuming, come piles of paper and projects. Combine that with sports practice, after-school clubs, bake sales, fundraisers and book drives, and...

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Lighting Resource for Designers

Ever wonder where Interior Designers find the best Lighting Resource in Denver? Our favorite Lighting Resource for Designers is  Image Complete. It is an unique lighting showroom resource with over 200 lighting lines and unsurpassed expertise and customer service to...

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