Eliminating Perceived Obstacles to Sell a BackCountry, Colorado Home

We were recently contacted by Deborah Tucker, the owner Sterling Real Estate Group, regarding a BackCountry, Colorado Home.  Deborah typically pays for staging for her clients but believed it was not necessary as the home had great bones and the homeowners had quality pieces. However, she discovered there were a few things potential buyers could not see past.


The negative comments received were regarding the lack of privacy to the neighbors at the back of the house as well as an awkward space adjacent to the kitchen that the BackCountry, Colorado home builder called the Grand Room.

Deborah was referred to us through her stager as she knew of our Design Matchmaking Service for Denver Interior Designers. She was sure I would have an interior designer that specializes in problem-solving and understanding the function and flow of homes… and she was right!

I matched this project with Heidi, a Designer Premier designer, who I was positive, would ensure we could help this BackCountry, Colorado home sell. We meet with Deborah and the homeowners complimentary, to evaluate the spaces, and to discuss solutions.

Colorado Home

Colorado Home

Original furniture placement in the Grand Room shown above – facing opposite ends of the room.

The Designers Challenge and Solution for This BackCountry, Colorado Home

Heidi quickly evaluated the spaces and shared why they were not well received by potential buyers. Heidi explained that the Grand room stumped viewers as they did not understand how they would use it. The existing homeowners had divided it into two awkward spaces, both which felt detached from the kitchen and eating area. Heidi suggested changing the configuration so it feels like one space that is connected to the surrounding rooms.

She discussed what could be done to change the perception of the rooms by rearranging the existing furniture, editing some pieces and adding soft flowing window panels to soften the view of the neighbor’s homes.

Deborah and the homeowners were on board with her ideas and gave her the go-ahead. Heidi then discussed design fees, budget, deliverables and timing with Deborah and got right to work.

The first task was to create a furniture plan that would work with the space and the desired budget.


The breakdown of the proposed pieces are:

The least expensive option involved renting (2) Cocktail Tables, (2) Area Rugs , (2) Ottomans; using the existing chairs, and the existing sofa ottoman as the “bridge” between the two seating areas.

Depending on the pieces and their pricing, Heidi recommended they rent a chaise or a bench, to replace the existing sofa ottoman. Again, depending on pricing, two matching chairs would be desirable to replace the current chairs.

The next step was to visit the warehouse to see available options and to finalize the selections. Then Heidi spoke with Deborah to discuss the final design and costs. Heidi then sent over a detailed proposal for final approval and requested payment to order items and arrange delivery and installation.

Colorado Home

Heidi directed a crew of two men to hang the window treatments, relocate the clock & shelf, lay the rugs, and rearrange the existing furniture.

Colorado Home

Several premade curtain panels were added in the perfect color to diffuse the view of the neighbors. Window treatments and rods were purchased and could stay in the home. Everything else was rented for 1 month, with the option to extend for shorter terms.


Colorado Home

Colorado Home

The dining room in the before picture on the left feels sparse and unwelcoming.

Heidi relocated the mirror that was originally above the fireplace, as well as the area rug that was in the Grand room. She removed one of the leaves from the table and moved two of the side chairs to the corners. She suggested the blinds be left at half-mast as to block the view of the neighbor’s window.

I am sure you will agree that the staged room on the right is much warmer and more inviting. Deborah, had the rooms rephotographed and updated the property listing and sold the home.

When you are trying to sell your home, you want to do everything possible to fetch the best price. If you are looking for a realtor that cares and will work hard to sell your home at top dollar, we highly recommend Deborah. 

If you are wondering if you need an interior designer or home stager, here is the difference:

Professional home stagers can look at your home and see both the strengths and flaws that may be invisible to you as a homeowner. Interior Designers have trained architecturally and had advanced training in how spaces function and flow. We have professionals trained as interior designers and stagers, so you get the best of both.

If you have a challenging space in your home, whether you are trying to sell or just want to LOVE your home, we can help.

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