We Will Save You Money

The professionals we refer will spend your money as if it was their own

One of the concerns that we hear from potential clients is that they are nervous that they will not hire the right professionals. They are also afraid of spending money and not getting what they want. One of our considerations when matching you is your budget and personality. The professionals we refer have a history of satisfying their clients. They ask questions to help understand your budget and your price comfort level. We feel that having great communication with your design professional is critical to the success of your project.  They act as the owner’s rep by evaluating bids and materials to make sure the pricing is fair. They are also currant on the latest materials and products and can value engineer your product.

Will it cost me more because I found the designer through you?

Absolutely NOT!

The professionals we refer consider us a marketing expense – like a magazine ad. Thus our fees are a part of doing business. Our agreement does not allow them to charge more for clients they find through Designer Premier. So, you have nothing to lose and much to gain by working with us!

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