We Do The Pre-Screening For You

We have been working with the design professionals we refer for well over ten years. We continue to evaluate each professional by following up with the homeowners we match. With talent, capabilities, and experience setting them above others, these professionals have a history of going above and beyond to assure you of exceptional service as well as creativity.

Can’t I do this on my own?

Obviously you can find and interview design professionals yourself.  You can ask friends, or spend hours searching the internet and interviewing possible candidates.  But you are taking an enormous risk if you rely on an untrained opinions and/ or search results.  Without personal knowledge of a company’s customer satisfaction history, or experience in interviewing, you have no way to evaluate your risk of having personal problems, contract disputes, or project hazards.

Did you know that Colorado does not have licensing for designers?

Colorado does not have licensing for designers which means that anyone with “just a knack” can call themselves a designer. They do not need training or schooling, nor do they need experience. Designer Premier pre-screens our design professionals comprehensively to assure you are getting the  finest.

Save yourself a lot of time and headaches by allowing Marina to recommend the professionals right for you and your design project.

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